Tiny Amulet Bag Turn Over Machine NEW!

This unique machine is designed to easily turn over the finished tiny bag like Amulet Bag.!

Though the process is simple as just to turn inside of the finished bag over, it is very sticky and time consuming job if you try to do it by hand. If you are looking for something to get this job done automatically and be willing to be able to ready to take large order in short lead time, this is the one, our newly developed Tiny Amulet Bag Turn Over Machine will help you.

  • Operation is so simple and easy as just to set the finished bag on the machine and press the foot pedal switch only.
  • Besids Turn Over machine, the machine to shape and fix the corner of the bag turned over is also available.
  • The machine is suitable for the operation to finish the bag of small size which is troublesome to be processed by hand.

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